*Pure*Delight*, originally uploaded by Annelogue.

I’ve been moving between different worlds these past few days and it feels very strange. I’ve spent two wonderful weeks in Norway at my parents place. Soaking summer sun, reading, relaxing and fishing. Eating strawberries…every day. I entered a mode where I started to have some surplus energy to spend creatively and it felt wonderful. I want to feel like that more often. Then I attended a funeral of a dear person yesterday. Today I was back at work. Different geography, different emotions…different worlds. I’ll catch up with it all. I just need to linger for a minute.

3 thoughts on “*Delight*

  1. That photo…… Now that brings back memories of Norwegian summers. Australian strawberries taste NOTHING like the beautiful Norwegian strawberries. they sort of look the same, but the taste is just not there!

    Think about the good times when the world changes, and know that in bad times, something good or unexpected will come. Soon.

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