Now I Know

New Game

Burning Fire


*In*Summerhouse*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Phew…I’ve spent the last two weekends in much needed slower-moving plots. Gradually bringing myself back to the atmospheric pressure of everyday life after my great road trip in the south west US. I have no idea where to start, telling about Burning Man and the rest of the road trip. […]

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Up and Away

***, originally uploaded by Annelogue. It wasn’t until I sat strapped in my airplane seat at 25.000 feet that I could let go of all the stuff that I’ve been busy with at work and some other projects which had been constantly tugging at my sleeve for the last couple of months and focus on […]

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*Forest*Berries*Smoothie*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Ingredients: * 1 sunshine * 1 lot of happy party people * 1 music festival * 1 cute guy as sliced strawberries to taste * sprinkle with a feeling of freedom Method: Place all the ingredients in a summer blender. Blend on high speed until dizzy and incandescently happy. Yum.

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