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A Taste of Faroe Islands


Longboard Girls Crew from Juan Rayos on Vimeo. I’d really like to find some skater girls to photograph in Copenhagen. If you know anyone, please give me a shout! Longboard Girls Crew on Facebook


Sally F*%king Reynolds, originally uploaded by Annelogue. A couple of weekends ago I attended a studio lighting course at Garage Studios in Brighton, England. For a long time I’ve been reluctant to use flash. I simply don’t like the way much of flash photography looks. I’ve only wanted to use natural light, but after a


*Balloon*Girl*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Boy, do I have a lot of ideas of what photography projects to embark on. How many of them turns into actual photos? Not so many. I’d like more of my project plans turned into reality. I’m going to start simple. So I’m working on a project list where I


*g*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. We talked about how I could make people feel more comfortable while photographing them. “You should ask people questions”, she said. When photographing people while they speak, you get all kinds of funny expressions. If you ask they about something they can’t answer right away, you get thoughtful faces. Asking

Who Is Intrusive?

Seeing Through Reflection, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Someone has an unhealthy interest in what I do. On Friday morning I had a phone call from the local police inquiring about a complaint made by one of my across the street neighbours (I don’t know which side) that I once had pointed a zoom lens towards

Life Through a Lens

I just saw the documentary “Life Through a Lens” about Annie Leibowitz. She is a truly free spirit. A bit of a paradox, seeming both unassuming in one way and a diva in another. The images that she captures are astounding. What struck me the most was the way she becomes part of what she

Lichtfaktor Crew

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