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*Fall*On*My*Window*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Letting go is not easy for me. I’m an expert in the opposite process. To hold on, control and keep at it. That’s the way I’m brought up to be and it has been a good strategy, along with my natural stubbornness in getting me through different projects. At this […]

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*Down*Pour*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. There is nothing more relaxing that staring at rain drops dribbling down my big living room window. I canceled all my plans involving biking around the city getting different stuff today. That will have to wait for another day. There is plenty of stuff to deal with inside my apartment. […]

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Sally F*%king Reynolds, originally uploaded by Annelogue. A couple of weekends ago I attended a studio lighting course at Garage Studios in Brighton, England. For a long time I’ve been reluctant to use flash. I simply don’t like the way much of flash photography looks. I’ve only wanted to use natural light, but after a […]

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***, originally uploaded by Annelogue. It’s in the middle of the night. I’m cooling off my warm and sore feet on the cold balcony tiles. I’ve been the second shooter in a wedding for 10 hours straight and I feel absolutely drained. My lips are dry and cracking, probably because I’m dehydrated. The whole day […]

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