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Even if my head is still in a jet-lagged state I think this trip to Japan qualifies as one of my best vacations ever! Every day chock full of new experiences! I saw so many things that I’ve been dreaming about seeing for a long time! We spent most of our two weeks exploring parts of Tokyo, but we also managed to get three wonderful days in Kyoto. I truly enjoyed being in a place where everything looks and feels different to me. I just really needed this impulse injection. I love Tokyo!

2 thoughts on “Holiday Happiness

  1. Godt at du kom deg til Japan og trivdes. Hadde en misstanke om at landet ville vaere et sted for deg. Klem

  2. Det var den beste ferie jeg har hatt faktisk! Elsket maten, kvaliteten, toalettene, karaokebarene og izakayaene. Jeg tar definitivt tilbake :-).

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