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I’m having trouble seeing where I am in five years time…even just one year is such a long time. I have no idea where I want to be. There are so many things slowly coming together for me and I’m doing a lot of things that I’ve always wanted to do. Even so, I’m just not falling into place anywhere. I have no sense of calm where I am right now. Or anywhere. There is just a feeling of restlessness. Hence the travelling, the internet addiction and the frantic search for helpful images, that I can absorb to give me some idea of my identity. I recognize the “I like” and “I don’t like”, it’s just that “I don’t know” pops up a bit too often. So for as long as it helps I’ll keep looking at things. Just observing. If only, just to figure out what I think they are.

4 thoughts on “Koffie Verkeerd

  1. Sorry that I can’t come up with psychological advise at this point, I am only writing to “grumble” about misspelling “Koffie Verkeerd”….
    Actually it is just half coffee and half warm milk(no foam), so the irish bartender was on to something : ). Maybe you could introduce coffee eagoir (wrong according the online english-irish dictionary) to Ireland and become rich and famous. That might solve the whole future-issue too…
    (BTW it looks suspiciously like a cappuccino in the picture – can you get your money back? : ) )

  2. :-D! Thanks Daan! My Dutch suck, man ;-)! I could not remember how it was spelled and so I tried to search for it on Google and it looked about right…but now I can correct it! The Irish bartender was offering a cup of coffee with a bit of COLD milk…not the same. I’m too fussy about my coffee being right…gets me in trouble as I seem to give baristas all over the world a hard time. And I did ask for a “Koffie Verkeerd” at Schiphol…and all I got was that…it wasn’t even a cappuccino…it just had too much froth. Maybe it’s called “the wrong coffee” because it’s so difficult to get it just right, that they just defensively call it that. I look forward to going back to Amsterdam in February to visit you guys! Cya!

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