When I walked out from this film last night my heart felt soooooooo warm and fussy. That feeling stayed with me all night, even though I biked home in the freezing cold, which usually kills off any great feeling. Even today I feel it! So I was never drawn to reading Jane Austen while growing up, I just envisioned frilly stories that would piss me off at the end, so I didn’t read Pride and Prejudice. I will now. The actors were wonderful and even though it must be really hard to match Keira Knightley’s incredible screen presence, I thought Matthew Macfadyen was really good! I’m in love with this movie. I’m glad I am not living in the time of Jane Austen…but the love…a love like that I would not mind. In reality though, if that was a modern relationship today, I don’t think they would last, because I don’t think it’s possible overcome the kind of issues they had with each other. Just look at the way they “fight” in the clip! The words are quite harsh, but their body language reveals quite an attraction. It would be nice if it were possible, though, to fight like that, with some kind of respect! Leaving the pride and prejudice behind. I really wish that a love like that was not only great fiction, but could happen in reality. I’m seeing this film again…tomorrow!

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