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***, originally uploaded by Annelogue. The sky gets closer light slips through the leaves I see your arms and they look like they can carry me but I don’t want to be carried I want to be lifted with you close to me


***, originally uploaded by Annelogue. It feels very interesting to try and survive as a fragile crocus in this park, most people use the opportunity to step on me, while they are running after their misbehaving dogs, who are cursed to instinctively chase the worm eating fat doves.


*Twin*Peaks*Sunrise*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. There is a quiet distance. I notice my heart’s thin lining and I think it’s love, but when I start to count my heartbeats, I feel it’s over. A rhythm’s disappearing act. There are no words, there are no birds singing, there is no us, there are no others. I

Old Friends

*Long*Time*No*See*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Once a year, my High School girlfriends and I go on a trip together. Every time, it really hits me how different we all are as people and how we live our lives. Despite all our differences, though, we have a deep care for one another and share a history


Your skin, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Your skin is the last thing I see before I close my eyes You see the rest I’m waking up When I hold my breath, you exhale This air has no distance I don’t know who you are when you are not here I kiss you so you don’t


***, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Your kiss is in every little thing In the cherry picked at night With the dew of summer swelling There’s a juice of pure delight Cool, dark, sweet, divinely smelling


Wow. This girl blows me away. So inspirational! Steph Davis also has a great blog.


***, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’ve turned around to the other side of the bed. I see the the night wander by outside my window and I don’t notice. If you were here, something would be missing. Now I’m holding silence and air tightly to my body. When I close my eyes, I can see

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