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I’m not particularly happy about being outside in the winter cold unless I’m skiing or have a Michelin man amount of clothes on. This is the first winter I’ve lived in Copenhagen in which the temperature has become uncomfortably cold and the snow has stayed for over a week in the city. I’ve now fully realized the purpose of a summer holiday. It’s when you supposedly should to stock up on sunshine supplies for winter. I’ve thought about different strategies on how to get through this winter:

    1. Hibernation – I’ve slept a couple hours after work every night and then gone to bed early…
    2. Going away to a warmer place for at least two weeks – since I’m saving up for my Tokyo trip in March, there is not much room for another vacation on top of that. Noted for next years winter survival strategy…
    3. Ignoring it – staying inside as much as possible, reading books and escaping into the internet…

Although, a walk in the afternoon, while the winter sun is slowly setting, is a pretty good thing.

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