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I feel I’m often surrounded by many spoiled and negative people who love to complain about things. They are always unhappy with how things are. This has sucked me in and now I need to get out of this vicious circle of unappreciative negative thinking. So I’ve started to keep a gratitude journal, so that I can get in touch with my positive emotions about what I already have in my life. I write down all the things I appreciate and that I’m happy about in my life. Whenever I want to, I read through my gratitude journal and make sure that I let my happy emotions linger a while. I also hope that I can attract more good things into my life that way. I can recommend it, because I feel that it works really well for me. The funny thing is that some people seem really provoked by the fact that I want to feel happy. That, I find very interesting. It seems to be much more accepted to be negative and complain about stuff, than to be constructive and positive. I have to find a way of better dealing with negative people.

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