Month: June 2006


I just discovered Jumpcut where it’s possible to upload and edit your own videos! Yay! There is also Eyespot, which is similar. I haven’t tried that one yet, but it looks good. A service like that is perfect for me! So I made a test with a short tango video, just to try it out


Sunset, originally uploaded by Annelogue. OK, I know now. Sunshine is essential for my well being. I know this is no news for most people, it’s just that I’ve never been a sun worshipper. I just don’t like to be in the sun too much. I get too warm and then I can’t think, I

Turn It Up

It’s 30 degrees outside and to accompany the sangria I just made for myself, I choose Rodrigo y Gabriela to entertain my ears with their awesome guitar handling, while I enjoy the evening sun on my balcony.

Creative Walks

Purple, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’m trying to do what Julia Cameron recommends in the book Artist way. I write morning pages and go on artist dates. A little while ago I downloaded the audio book version of Walking in this World which encourages walks as another tool in discovering and recovering the creative self.

Luckily, Molly Is Back

Molly Is Back, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I was hoping that some thoughts would come to me as I walked around the city this evening. My head feels kinda empty these days. I’m in general quite content with my life, so it’s not that. It’s all quite harmonious, except for a few struggles here and

Getting Out There

Love, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Ahhhh, this is what I call summer! The temperature has finally become bearable. As soon as I finished my last script for tonight, I went for a walk in my neighborhood here on Nørrebro. It’s a lovely place, with lots of interesting things to look at. It feels like a