Jon Boogz is a Movement Artist whose passion for dance enables him to travel all around the world. In his journey to Morocco, the colorful sights and unique rhythms provided the perfect backbeat as Jon translated his experience into dance. For Jon, movement is a primal way to communicate, giving him a way to connect with others beyond language and cultural barriers wherever he travels.

StoryBooked is a documentary series following creatives on their personal journeys around the world, taking them to different destinations like Mexico, Poland, Morocco and Greece. Through their travels, each person gains a unique perspective as they explore the world, empowered by Marriott’s Loyalty program. Their stories illustrate a shared human experience – the universal language of creativity through personal expression – brought to life through their individual perspectives.

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Welcome to Burning Man. This is not an festival. This is not a rave. Get a rare look into an annual social experiment which revolves around self-expression, inclusiveness, and collaboration. A post-apocalyptic desert world which resembles what the future may have in store. Dive in to Black Rock City where 70,000+ strangers build the temporary city together and dismantle it to dust within one week. No bands or acts are booked, the attendees are the entertainment. No money switches hands, items are given to one another. A fully functioning city, where everyone is welcome to be themselves.

Ignite is a documentary directed and produced by filmmaker Ryan Moore (“Manny narrated by Liam Neeson”) featuring original score produced by the Grammy Award winning team behind “Mission Impossible: Fallout”, “The Dark Knight” and “Inception”. A cinematic experience into Burning Man, Ignite pays tribute to the community that builds this temporary desert world once each year.

Burning Man can’t be described in words. Every year my friends and family ask me what Burning Man is like so I figure I’d show them the best way I know how. Equipped with two cinema cameras (cinematographers Jez Thierry and Neil Fernandez) and 5 days at Burning Man 2017, I journeyed into Black Rock City (Nevada) to capture the community of Burning Man as they explored the temporary city. My hope is that this film will transport you back to the desert world if you’ve attended, or be intrigued to experience it for yourself in person if you haven’t.

As a long time Burning Man attendee since 2007, I dedicate this film to his best friend that introduced me to the event and passed away from cancer. I hope this film will introduce someone new to Burning Man like my friend did for me.

Score Producer: Lorne Balfe (Mission Impossible: Fallout, The Dark Knight, The Crown, Genius)
Composers: Max Aruj and Steffen Thum (Mission Impossible: Fallout)
Editors: Christian May, Gretchen Schroeder, Ryan Moore
Sound Design Mixer: Emmy Award winner Eddie Kim (Sonic Highways)
Opening Sequence Illustrator: Anthony Francisco (Marvel Studios)

Ignite is also dedicated to Larry Harvey, co-founder of Burning Man.
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You know what? I will never become that person who is blasé about being high up in the air, looking at the cotton clouds from above and the changing beauty of the miniature landscape below. All while I can have a gin and tonic. It’s a completely magical experience to me every time I ride in a metal bird.

Double-Blind No.1

I just want it

I’ve never been great at making sensible factual arguments that other people understand. If I want something, I just want it. That’s exactly how desire works. Desire does not always make any sense. That is one of the biggest roadblocks for desire. It’s messy. It will fuck up your life the way you know it. It will definitely do that. You sensibly think you want x, y and z. Then you get it and it wasn’t what you wanted at all. It was empty calories, but the really fun stuff looks kind of nutty. So when I ask people “So what do you want?”, they answer “I don’t know.”. We don’t have a muscle built to readily express our desire. There is a practice where we can train that muscle, which is called orgasmic meditation (OM). In an OM I can ask for adjustments or give offers. It’s a start. Finally, I have realized that I can have it. That nutty thing I really want.

Giving It Language

I’m experiencing so much amazingness these days. I want to practice to give extraordinary a language and it’s not easy to describe these things. It’s is so important to articulate the fantastic. Giving language to the extraordinary helps me experience more of it.

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