°London°Rain°, originally uploaded by Annelogue.

I’d say that I go through a creative crisis about every two weeks with my photography. I feel like there is nothing to photograph, I don’t know enough about how to use my camera and that I don’t have the right equipment. I just let it roll by like a old fashion steam train. I’m sooo happy that I am living in the digital photography era which allows me to experiment with aperture and shutter speed to an extents which would have cost a small fortune if I were to shoot actual film. The photography community Flickr is a true inspiration in which I’ve become addicted to. It is a wast source of inspiration and sharing of knowledge. Lately Flickr has undergone some changes which I feel has led to some unnecessary censorship. I hope these changes will not reduce the artistic quality of the site in the long run. It’s a fine balance and it’s hard to draw the line for the Flickr crew. I trust that they want the best for Flickr. My favorite thing to do on Flickr is to follow peoples favorites. I go from one persons favorite to another, which leads me to all sorts of interestingness, since I think that Flickr’s own interestingness algorithm has become a bit dull. This feeds my imagination and I’m not afraid of copying others in order to learn how to do stuff. Even if some people think that I’m whacked in my head because I always carry my camera around with me, I feel that by doing so, I’m taking my creativity seriously and that is in my opinion the first step in getting on with it.

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