…I just discovered that I’d been tagged by the sweet Dabitch to send this meme around:

What has surprised you most about your life as an adult?
Well, I thought I was gonna be a supastar…and I’m not…which sorta surprised me a bit…ahaha. No, I’m most surprised about the fact I don’t feel older even as the years piles on. I thought I’d arrive at a place of certainty and conviction…it hasn’t happened yet and I doubt it ever will. I suspect I’ll be a searching soul all my life.

My life would be easier if…?
I keep thinking that stacks of money would make things easier for me and sure…maybe I’d be less stressed if I had more money, but I have more than enough to get by, so I should not complain. I guess if I let go of all kinds of worries to a larger extent I’d make things easier for myself.

My secret vice?
I read magazines in the store…and if I am yelled at…I just go to another store.

What part of your appearance are you most happy with?
I’m a very average looking person, but I like my eyes.

Unknown talent?
Some say that I sing quite well…

The most important question in the world right now?
How to ensure basic human rights all over the world…

When is a good time to pull a white lie?
Whenever you need to…

What was your first job?
Lemonade merchant…I was 5…I sold glasses of lemonade from a stand in my street.

What is the best thing which can be bought for money?

Which personal ability are you most pleased with?
Curiosity…killed the cat…it gets me into troubles sometimes…but also out of it.

My best buy?
My camera…a Canon EOS 400D..has brought tons of frustration and pleasure in equal amounts.

What do you pull out of the hat if you get surprise visitors?
I dig out a chair from underneath the piles of clothes and books I have lying around and then they usually get some wine if they want or coffee…

What can get you to NOT want to get up in the morning?
Any situation where I’m under pressure to perform to my limit.

What are you most proud of in your life?
That I discovered the recipe on how to get things done for myself: 1) I figure out what I want 2) I find out how to do it. 3) Then I go ahead with it. So simple…but yet quite difficult sometimes…

Who else do you want to answer these questions?
Hmmm…I think I’ll tag Charlotte and Audhild to answer these questions next.

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