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Things are quite good. Despite everything, really. Plumbers are hopefully going to start to rebuild my bathroom after a rusty pipe burst in our building between our apartments in November. It’s all settled who is going to pay for what now. It took it’s time getting that into place. Then I discovered bed bugs in my apartment after the painters had finished in December. The painters used huge wool blankets to cover my furniture while they painted my ceiling and those blankets had been a lot of places and were probably chock full of bed bugs. Why the hell do they not use plastic? I had an exterminator company come in and spray three times and then another company lacquered my flat with longterm effective poison. I had to throw my bed and sofa out. No, the insurance does not cover it. Hopefully the bastard bugs are gone for good. On top of that, my camera bag fell down last weekend and now two of my favorite lenses are not working properly. I’ll have to get them fixed. Karma has been biting my behind, but things are looking up now. They are.

2 thoughts on “Sunday*Sunday*Sunday

  1. it came from the covers the trads people used??? Who would have thought… Plastic sounds like the option for the future!

    When we had a painter over last year, he covered our sofa with a blanket as well, and the blanket already had several WET paint stains on it from his last job. They clearly rubben on to the sofa, and he tried to wipe it off with a cloth and water hours later. Needless to say we had to throw out the sofa cover…

  2. Yeah, seriously…in the future, if I have to deal with painters again, I’ll MAKE SURE they use plastic to cover things up with….and to have in the contract that they have to pay for what they break in the apartment.

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