pikapika_LA, originally uploaded by Huro Kitty.

I’m amazed at the lighting doodle project, Pika Pika (which means twinkling in Japanese), where they are making animations by taking images using long exposures and putting them together using Quicktime. It’s the coolest thing. They use light pens and mobile phone flashes. Look at this, this and oh…this! I would love to do something like that. Does anyone else want to play?

7 thoughts on “Pika Pika

  1. Neither am I! This is purely experimental, just to see whether we can put something like that together. Cool! I’ll try and figure out where I can get light pens. Do you have a tripod? Do you have Quicktime Pro?

  2. Oki, I’ve been around to Electric City, Fona, TDC butikken, Merlin ++ and none of them have light pens. I guess I’ll try and find some online. Hmf.

  3. Maybe we can just use bike lights, that’ll give us white and red lights. I’ll go by Brinks tomorrow. They have everything, maybe I’ll have more luck there…

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