Now I Know

New Game

Burning Fire


*Twin*Peaks*Sunrise*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. There is a quiet distance. I notice my heart’s thin lining and I think it’s love, but when I start to count my heartbeats, I feel it’s over. A rhythm’s disappearing act. There are no words, there are no birds singing, there is no us, there are no others. I […]

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Old Friends

*Long*Time*No*See*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Once a year, my High School girlfriends and I go on a trip together. Every time, it really hits me how different we all are as people and how we live our lives. Despite all our differences, though, we have a deep care for one another and share a history […]

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Your skin, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Your skin is the last thing I see before I close my eyes You see the rest I’m waking up When I hold my breath, you exhale This air has no distance I don’t know who you are when you are not here I kiss you so you don’t […]

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