Model 617

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According to the fashion calendar, 2005 seems to be the year of the boots. Last year was the year of jackets. I need a new jacket now, but I seriously can’t find anything, because there are none! Or maybe I’m just jacket blind. On the other hand there are boots, boots, boots everywhere and I have already bought 2 pairs! If I find some more that I like, I’ll have to buy them, because it’s not every year that the shoe fashion is as much to my liking as this year. So, I have great boots and a ragged jacket. Hmf…

2 thoughts on “Model 617

  1. Thanks! I love them! Actually, someone told me that I walk differently with these boots. As if I am more confident. I usually trudge about in my converse sneakers. It’s as if the little heels makes me stand up taller, straightens my back and I keep my head a bit more lifted. And the smeeeeelllllllll of new leather……..

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