I’ve been surrounded by morons all day. I’m tired. I want to be in a place where people are socially intelligent or at least social…never mind the intelligent bit…right now I don’t feel too fussy. Just any place where people would talk to me in a sincere and nice way.
I think Sydney would be a good place to be for me today. That’s about as far as way as I can get from where I am now. Gosh, if I were in Sydney today, I’d start the day with the Coogee to Bondi walk. On my way to Bondi I’d have coffee at one of the cafes at Bronte Beach. Then I’d take a bus to Oxford Street and get serious retail therapy while walking up towards Paddington. After, in which I’d go through Centenniel Park and up to Randwick, back down to Coogee Bay Hotel and you know what…in Sydney, if you go out…you would really have to make an effort NOT to talk to anyone. Everyone talks to each other and that’s nice! I love that. A day like today really kills my spirit. I miss Sydney. I really do.
It’s the day to watch Kylie spin around with her gold sandals and mini shorts! It’s the day to watch great Aussie films like “The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert” and “The Castle”. It’s the day to pig out on vegemite and Tim Tams.

3 thoughts on “One Ticket Far Far Away, Please

  1. Cheer up:-) Come Saturday I’ll play you a song from Priscilla, and I promise you’ll have to make an effort NOT to talk to anyone. (Can’t help with the freezing bit and nasty people though…)

  2. What are you waiting for??????? It is a plane ticket away. I would be so happy if you came to visit, but preferably to stay ;) The job market is really good here at the moment (hint).

    Would love to join you for a walk along the cliffs, a long lunch with wine and, watching the bats fly at dusk and more….. So – should we say April?

    xxx A

  3. Thanks guys! I’m trying not to make this blog into a whine-o-rama, but there are just some days…
    @n-psych: Great! I’m sooooo looking forward to your party on Saturday! I even bought a new dress…
    @A: You know what! I really want to move back to Sydney. I love the lifestyle possibilities there. It’s the best place on earth for me, BUT right now in I need to stay within a days travel to my family. I don’t want to live in Norway, so for that reason Copenhagen is perfect for me now. So a visit soon would be desirable…

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