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Suveyda from Ayhan Cebe on Vimeo. “Light and dark, noise and calm, beauty, decay, pain and hope – These are the shattering contrasts that propel our lives ahead in the boundless, throbbing river of existence. None of us knows what the next moment will bring, the raptures and terrifying discoveries born with every choice. And Read More

Empowerment Photography

By Miina Savolainen “Girl in Forest”, originally uploaded by hickster5000. I just recently purchased the book “The Loveliest Girl In The World” by social educator and photographer Miina Savolainen. Initially I bought the book just because I really liked the fairytale images and it wasn’t until I actually started reading it that I became aware Read More


Antichrist (framegrab), originally uploaded by zentropa entertainments. Last night I braced myself and finally summoned up the courage to go and see the hyped movie Antichrist by Lars von Trier. The images of this movie had grown in my head after I’d read so many reviews and features discussing the film. I’ve always liked Lars Read More


FACE 2 FACE trailer by JR and Marcoby JR My neighborhood Nørrebro has been suffering from some serious shit karma in the last couple of years. Last drops of lemon are the competing drug gangs who are a bit too trigger happy, having shootouts in the streets around where I live. I’m not exactly thrilled Read More

Elle Muliarchyk

So inspirational! Read More


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Yard Read More

Life Through a Lens

I just saw the documentary “Life Through a Lens” about Annie Leibowitz. She is a truly free spirit. A bit of a paradox, seeming both unassuming in one way and a diva in another. The images that she captures are astounding. What struck me the most was the way she becomes part of what she Read More

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