I just recently purchased the book “The Loveliest Girl In The World” by social educator and photographer Miina Savolainen. Initially I bought the book just because I really liked the fairytale images and it wasn’t until I actually started reading it that I became aware of the profoundness of the project behind the book.

“An expected book of the photography and community art project The Loveliest Girl In The World tells a touching growth story about becoming visible and accepting yourself. Every one of us is entitled to feel ourselves precious and beloved. The text and photographs are by art and social educator, photographer Miina Savolainen. The feelings and experiences of ten girls who have grown up in a children home carries the story forward.”

Miina Savolainen’s has developed the empowering photography method based on the belief that everyone has the right to feel unique and special. Being portrayed in a photograph as a whole and ideal person can help a person feel just that.

I love this concept! I’m surrounded by a lot of people who strongly dislikes being photographed and it makes me so sad. I would be so happy if I could use the method of empowerment photography as a common process to make them feel better about themselves and develop a trust that I would only portray them in a way that they liked and felt good about.

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