Author: Annelogue

A Tuesday Thing

This song is perfect to listen to while biking to work. Somehow, it makes my feet peddle extra hard, because I feel that the landscape needs to go by very quickly when it’s playing in my ears. I whizz by the others on my way. Cold wind stings my cheeks, while I bury my nose Read More

Energy Enabled

I have no idea what happened. I woke up this morning and even before I had my cup of coffee, I felt energetic. Maybe it’s just because it’s getting lighter outside? Or maybe it’s because I feel I have a better grip on things in my life? Or maybe it’s because I’ve consciously been trying Read More


Treat, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I feel really lucky that I was in Amsterdam in time to experience this wonderful put together exhibition of Rembrandt-Caravaggio works in the Van Gogh Museum. The Dutch painter Rembrandt van Rijn and Italian Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio never actually met. Rembrandt was only four years old when Caravaggio died. Read More


Tempgina, originally uploaded by Annelogue. We rented a houseboat in Amsterdam called Tempgina for the weekend. A very cool experience, which I fully recommed. It has been wonderful to sit in the glass hut on deck, zipping coffee and relaxing while boats and birds are floating by on the Amstel. Some friends of ours had Read More

More Muzak

I’ve discovered a bunch of music blogs that I really like! I found this lovely clip of Brandi Carlille’s song “Fall Apart Again” via Guess I’m Floating. An Aquarium Drunkard is another fine blog. Then there is Who Needs Radio and also Gorilla vs. Bear. Last, but not least I like Ear Farm. Go on, Read More

Treasures of the Heart

When I was a little girl, I remember my Dad listening to Johnny Cash. His songs filled the house with a loaded atmosphere. My Dad would blow circles of smoke into the air and close his eyes. My Dad admires everything about country&western music and movies. I think it all makes him feels like a Read More

Back To Tango

I’ve started feeling like I want to get back into tango dancing. Maybe it’s because of all the dance programs that have I’ve been watching on TV lately. I’ve had a serious motivational dip since last winter and when my dance partner at the time went abroad for a while, I decided to take break Read More

Winter Beauty

Industrial Beauty, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’m not particularly happy about being outside in the winter cold unless I’m skiing or have a Michelin man amount of clothes on. This is the first winter I’ve lived in Copenhagen in which the temperature has become uncomfortably cold and the snow has stayed for over a week Read More

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