I have no idea what happened. I woke up this morning and even before I had my cup of coffee, I felt energetic. Maybe it’s just because it’s getting lighter outside? Or maybe it’s because I feel I have a better grip on things in my life? Or maybe it’s because I’ve consciously been trying to relax for the last months, to try and get over my to-the-bone tiredness, and now it’s finally paying off? Maybe it’s all of these things combined? It feels great, anyhow.

I know, I’ve posted this video once before, on the old version of my blog. It’s just that I got reminded of Fiora Sigismondi wonderful work through an interview she gave on Cool Hunting, which I saw this morning. Besides, I can never get enough of the White Stripes!

6 thoughts on “Energy Enabled

  1. I am not that good in english, but I will try.
    I`m from Norway and your blog is listing under recomandation in Sol.no.
    You`re lucky to have degreeds over zero.
    Were I`m living its minus 15 and snowing.
    But the spring is coming soon…………….:o)
    Sorry for my English. It`s easyer to speek than to wright.

  2. Your English is perfectly understandable and that’s the most important thing, don’t you think? There are minus degrees here in Copenhagen, too. That, in addition to the windchill factor, makes it freeeeeezing. BUT, it is not minus 15C…that’s horribly cold!
    I know that in the listing at sol.no, it says that I’m a Danish woman writing about design, but I’m actually a Norwegian woman, living and working in Copenhagen and blogging about life in general. It’s just a bit funny it’s assumed that I’m Danish, just because I live in Copenhagen for the time being. Anyway, I’m also VERY happy about the emerging spring, it’s getting more and more noticable for each day that go by.

  3. cool.
    Denmark in summer! Brings back memories. Hehe.
    My son is moving there this summer, to go to school.
    Well have a nice spring time and enjoy the sun to day.

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