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…said Buddah. Very true. I decided very early on after my father passed away in May that I wanted to stay in Copenhagen for Christmas this year. I thought that I would miss him less if I were in a setting in my life that he had not been part of. That was a huge misjudgment. Memories of him sneak in everywhere, anyway. In small situations like for example when I’m buying cheese in the grocery store, “Ahhh, my father would love this cheese”. Well, not anymore. His presence is gone and we all miss him so painfully much. That’s life, though. Things changes all the time. I just received an email where someone said about the photo I made this morning that it made them think that “in reminiscence of sadness and joy, a new life begins”. So true. Warm thoughts to everyone on this Christmas Eve!

2 thoughts on ““Nothing is permanent”

  1. Thank you, Ginevra! I had a lovely Christmas, lovi! I don’t know why it’s particulary sorrowful during the holiday season when someone is missing. Your’re right. A lovely new year has begun!

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