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It’s in the middle of the night. I’m cooling off my warm and sore feet on the cold balcony tiles. I’ve been the second shooter in a wedding for 10 hours straight and I feel absolutely drained. My lips are dry and cracking, probably because I’m dehydrated. The whole day I’ve been so focused on my surroundings, because I have to be alert to catch all the good stuff going on around me at all times. It’s so nice to sit and focus on my slow breathing for a while. The wedding was gorgeous. So many new impressions. Also, I was so scared that I’d fuck up and not being able to capture their important day in the best possible way. I think I did OK. I’ll see tomorrow when I browse through the 600 photos I took today. Phuuuu…the editing will take some time, but this is the shit I looove.

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