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I have put a lot of effort into trying to get to a point where I’d wake up and just be happy in the morning. How I did it? It’s doing the little things that makes me feel good. Every day. Noticing the warmth from the cup between my hands as I sip my coffee. Listening to my favorite music. Appreciating the lovely people I have in my life. Trying to get enough sleep. Taking care of my creative self by taking photographs as often as I can. Meeting new people. Reading glossy magazines in the shop (I know I’m not suppose to do that). Looking at shoes in shop windows. Taking deep breaths if I start to hyperventilate in situations where I get pissed off. There are loads and loads of little good things that I try to do. Identifying what I like has been a loooong process and is a continuous process for me. Sure, I have far fetched dreams and wishes for myself, but its the small pleasures that I can count on everyday which makes it worth getting up in the morning.

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