Guitar Shop

There is one great instrument shop which has a marvelous collection of guitars here in Copenhagen. I originally started out just looking at the guitars there, but soon I discovered what a treasure box of guys it was. So now I go in there just to look at the boys. In every corner there are guys playing and trying out guitars. It’s just like entering paradise for a girl. On every chair sits a potential rock star playing his heart out, probably all imagining that they are playing concerts for huge crowds. Above all I’m a sucker for the beauty of focused musician’s face and I get a healthy doses of that in this place. I feel like I get to peak right into a persons biggest dream and that is often quite inspiring.

2 thoughts on “Guitar Paradise

  1. Ha ha… loving it. Never thought of a guitar shop as a venue for checking out boys, but it makes sense… Maybe one day you’ll have to ask a potential rockstar/song writer for some guitar lessons….

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