White Christmas in Pakistan

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I’m in danger of getting some serious whooping on Christmas Eve by my family. I’ve sent all the money I was going to use on Christmas presents to the Red Cross specifically supporting the relief teams work in Pakistan. I’m really curious to see my family’s reaction. I mean, when I ask them what they want for Christmas, no-one in my family can tell me what they want, because they have absolutely everything they need. Therefore I don’t see why I should spend hours bumping into other people in overcrowded shops in order to get them small useless presents that my family don’t really want. Last year we spent 3 hours opening presents! Afterwards we were right out exhausted. There were too many presents. There will be 12 less presents this year. Hopefully, the money I sent will be spent wisely. Red Cross is a very trustworthy organisation, but I have heard so many horrible stories in general about how aid money is badly spent, that I’m a little suspicious to the whole thing. What else can I do, but hope that the money I sent will be well spent. I hope that more eyes on the situation will help to prevent the money being misused. I admit that I’ve been suffering from serious compassion fatigue after all the natural disasters that have happened this year, but now when I see the amount of people going completely bananas in the shops before Christmas, it just makes me feel like I have to try and do something. So I did what little I can do.

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