*spring*leaves*, originally uploaded by Annelogue.

The sun has lovingly graced Copenhagen with it’s warm rays for the last two weeks. A blood test shows that I lack vitamin D, so I have a good excuse for taking a bike ride after lunch at work to soak up some sun. I just hope that this wonderful spring weather does not mean that the sun quota is being used up for the summer….nooooooooo.

2 thoughts on “*Spring*Leaves*

  1. Anne!!!
    No worries… summer will be wonderful, it have to be… I have ordered a lots of sun, all kind of…
    Have you bought a bike yet???

  2. Sweet! I trust you have the weather wizards in check! Super!

    Ahhhhh…still undecided on the bike issue. I can’t decide which one I want…so I’m waiting untill I feel more certain about my choice :-).

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