Handy Girl
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I’d categorize myself as a quite handy person. I love DIY and I always have decoration projects going on. I paint and put IKEA furniture together like a breeze, I really enjoy that kind of stuff. There is only one threshold I don’t seem to be able to get over. My dislike of power tools. So I brought my boyfriend along to the hardware store for expertize when I was going to purchase my first power tool. First and foremost I needed a drill to make holes, but with the blisters in my hands as evidence I could also use something which I could use on screws. I really liked the drills on the photo, they were light and looked cool. I ended up getting a more powerful designated hammer drill. I’m getting a designated fastener driver for handling screws later. A hardware store is really a world of it’s own. One must not be afraid of tossing about phrases like “I need 6mm roll-plugs” or “This channel-locks would be good to use on my radiator”. I’ve done my share of not knowing the specific word of a tool, only trying to explain to the shop assistant using a general description and sometimes with..eh..yeah pantomime. Either way, the rolling eyes I got was humiliating enough. So now, I’m a owner of a drill, but so far it’s I’ve been LMBDA (Letting My Boyfriend Do All) drilling jobs that needed to be done. The only thing is, the more jobs I let him do, the less confidence I feel that I’ll be able to master this daunting drilling business. So today we made a point of trying to do a project together, so that I would get into the drilling bit as well. I just found it quite scary and I’m very frightened of making mistakes. I found that drilling wood and plaster is OK, but drilling in concrete is too scary. I hope that I’ll get the power over my drill someday.

2 thoughts on “Handy Girl

  1. You go girl!

    I discovered having a corded rather than cordless drill was a good way for me to go because the more powerful cordless ones were too heavy for me to hold easily. Being sans male, I’m doing all of the household repairs, and with the exception of plumbing (which is the devil’s bane) am finding wood, plaster, concrete and metal all much more predictable and comprehensible than all the digital things I operate and manage.

  2. Yeah, I totally agree that corded drills are much more manageable! It’s funny, I just found out the the hardware store where I bought my drill arranges courses in “How to wire a lamp” and “How to repair a dripping faucet” specifically for women. That’s kinda cool….but I guess they have come the conclusion that it’s a good way of making money, because more and more women do stuff themselves and they need tools. I find it so comforting that you seem comfortable with your power-tools, Weez!

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