I’ve always wanted to make street art, but because I’m pathologically well behaved, I often don’t have the guts do things that are illegal. See, I’m one of those quiet girls that used to be in your class in school. Those girls that always do their assignments, who never makes any noise and who generally gets overlooked by everyone because they don’t stand out in one way or the other. So anyway, I think I’ve found a way to do street art that I can get away with, more precisely LED throwies! I just purchased a bunch of LED throwies sets. I can’t wait until they arrive! In the meantime, I’ll enjoy looking at the video from Graffiti Research Lab from the first throwies campaign in New York last year.

5 thoughts on “Geek Graffiti

  1. :-D! Always! I did everything that I was supposed to! I even wrote down what homework the lazy guy sitting next to me in class in primary school should do. He never did his homework and I got so fed up listening to the teachers yelling at him, so I made sure that he knew what he was supposed to read and do for next class. He never did it anyway, but guess what? He drives a truck now and makes twice as much money as I do. See, they teach you all the wrong stuff in school! I realize that now.

  2. Hey Anne,

    Next time your in AMS keep an eye open for Laser 3.14’s slogans. Not all of are equally good, but I always keep an eye open for them, some of them are quite thought-inspiring. (http://www.laser314.com/). See you!


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