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It’s five years since the crazy attacks on WTC in New York today. It’s all over the papers. I remember that I could not believe my own eyes seeing the footage of the two planes flying into WTC. One plane, could be an accident…but two? All the how and whys have still not been a 100% answered. Although horrible in every way, I think what happened afterwards is even more scary and frightening. It’s the fear. I just read an article in a danish newspaper, which states according to a survey, that every forth person in Denmark puts “fear of terror” on top of their worry list. In my opinion, that’s the biggest worry. The statistical probability of being directly affected by a terrorist attack is super small. I would worry a lot more about getting killed in traffic commuting to work on a daily basis. The issue is fear. The way media and politicians focus on terrorism keep people afraid. It seems to be the goal. It’s like in the dark ages when the church would scare people with condemnation and hell. During the Cold War it was called communism. Now it’s called terrorism. I fear the fearing. It’s really frightening.

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