Cornflakes Issue, originally uploaded by Annelogue.

Cornflakes can be complicated. I only recently started to eat cornflakes again after a 25 year break. The main reason being that when I was a little girl I could NEVER get the cornflakes/milk ratio right. That got me into trouble. I have to add that I detest soggy cornflakes, so it’s crucial to get the initial amount of milk right so that it’s possible to get through a bowl before the cornflakes lose too much of their crispiness. I need that CRUNCH! As if that was not enough, there is always a bit of milk left in the bowl when you finish up the cornflakes and what do you have to do? You have to put more cornflakes into it. Controlling a huge pack of cornflakes and getting just the exact amount of cornflakes to accompany the last bit of milk is in my experience the hardest part of the process. I feel I can handle it better now, partially because I studied chemistry for a whole year at Uni and when you do that, you learn to measure thing really well. Usually at this point you also have to be prepared to add a wee bit of extra milk to get the balance right again. It’s very important to get it right at this time, otherwise you have to start all over and pour even more cornflakes into the bowl and then probably some more milk. There are thousand ways to go wrong here and I remember sitting teary eyed in front of a full brimming bowl of milk and cornflakes and I was stuffed and getting a less than understanding look from my mum on my explanation as to why I could not finish my breakfast. I’m more prepared now. I can handle my cornflakes.

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