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Geez, I need to pay more attention to whats going on concert wise in Copenhagen. The Knife played both yesterday and today…arrgghhh. Read More

Sheer Craziness…

…and I really need that sometimes. Pure insanity in a very healthy way. Hurra Torpedo really does it for me! Read More


I just discovered Jumpcut where it’s possible to upload and edit your own videos! Yay! There is also Eyespot, which is similar. I haven’t tried that one yet, but it looks good. A service like that is perfect for me! So I made a test with a short tango video, just to try it out Read More


Another singer/songwriter favorite of mine is Patti Griffin. I never get tired of her lovely tunes! Read More

Muzak Non Stop

Muzak Non Stop, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’ve gone from not have any digital music player to having two! One thing is that I’ve had trouble deciding what the best solution for me would be. Another thing is money. This stuff costs a lot in Scandinavia, but was fairly cheaper in Japan, hence the splurge. Read More

A Tuesday Thing

This song is perfect to listen to while biking to work. Somehow, it makes my feet peddle extra hard, because I feel that the landscape needs to go by very quickly when it’s playing in my ears. I whizz by the others on my way. Cold wind stings my cheeks, while I bury my nose Read More

Energy Enabled

I have no idea what happened. I woke up this morning and even before I had my cup of coffee, I felt energetic. Maybe it’s just because it’s getting lighter outside? Or maybe it’s because I feel I have a better grip on things in my life? Or maybe it’s because I’ve consciously been trying Read More

More Muzak

I’ve discovered a bunch of music blogs that I really like! I found this lovely clip of Brandi Carlille’s song “Fall Apart Again” via Guess I’m Floating. An Aquarium Drunkard is another fine blog. Then there is Who Needs Radio and also Gorilla vs. Bear. Last, but not least I like Ear Farm. Go on, Read More

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