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I’ve really wanted a digital SLR for a loooong time and I fell in love with Canon 350D when I was in Japan earlier this year. The good thing about Japanese electronics stores is that is that all products are on display and you’re allowed touch the cameras to get a feel of how they are in your hand and Canon 350D was perfect, but by the time I’d scraped enough money together Canon 400D was out, so I went for that. I was super stoked about getting my new camera, but I also felt a bit daunted by all the features available and so I needed some time to absorb all the technical possibilities. I’m learning little by little and now I feel happy about my progress. I’ve also felt a bit confused as to what photos to take….I felt that since I had such a nice camera I had to do nature photography for some reason…which is totally not me. I’ve reconnected with myself on what to photograph now, so more street photography is in order. That’s where I’m at home, walking around the city streets. I’m also happy that now when the dark time of the year has begun, I’ve discovered the pleasure of night photography, which means that I can still take photos no matter how late or unpleasantly cold it is outside. I take back everything I might have mentioned about flinging this camera out my window. I now love it!

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