Tramore Beach

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I have to admit that 2006 started off quite shitty. Oh no, that’s not right. I mean, it started off with a great party and I totally overdid it on warmly welcoming 2006. So the first day of the year I spent with a not so happy hangover. The kind where I actually could not stop crying and feeling sorry for myself. I found myself in south east Ireland in a town called Tramore and there was no chance of finding a place with some decent caffe latte. I tried. The guy in the pub looked at me and asked if I meant coffee with milk. In the end, after I’d walked up and down the beach 3-4 times I went back to the pub and got some coffee with milk, two coca colas and some food. In the pub on the morning of new years day, there was me and I’d say four men over sixty years old. We’d all be looking at each other from time to time. So there I was, listening to a radio show discussing the future of IRA, eating mashed potatoes, carrots and gravy and the last thing I wanted was a beer. I was also happy that it’s no longer allowed to smoke in pubs in Ireland. So back on the beach later on, I was feeling a little better after that feed and some coffee. There was a pleasant wind in my face clearing my head, so I dug my camera up from my bag and captured this. Happy 2006!

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