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I put my running shoes out on the floor a couple of days ago, just to see if anything would happen if I did. Nothing happened. Except maybe me going through a head shaking amount of excuses to as to why I could not get my shoes on and my ass out the door. The most innovative excuses were that I probably needed one of these Polar heart rate monitors to improve my motivation during my runs and that I still haven’t compiled the perfect running music play-list for my Creative Zen player. If anyone has any advice on good running music, I’m all ears!

7 thoughts on “Run Shoes Run

  1. I do enjoy a good playlist but the sounds of Copenhagen tends to be better than any playlist. Especially in these sun filled pre-summer days. Or is it just me ?

    Why don’t you put your shoes on and then see what happens…

  2. Tomorrow I will :-)! I guess I’m just going through a phase where I, instead of taking in the sounds of Copenhagen, just want to be plugged into my own network of sounds. I’ll let you know how it went…

  3. Hi!

    It’s always difficult to get started with these things, I know….
    As for running music, how about Run, baby, Run by Sheryl Crow, or even the oldie Born to run by Bruce springsteen? : )

  4. Doesn’t matter what you choose for opening or the main part, but for the final sprint I would definitely recommend Born In the USA (same guy as in Daan’s comment).

  5. I recommend ‘Dark Train’ from the Underworld album ‘Long & Dark.
    It’s great running music even if you’re not into the genre.

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