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After Work Coffee

After Work Coffee, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’ve found my new super summer hang out spot and that’s at Islands Brygge here in Copenhagen. It’s perfect to spend a couple of hours after work as it is en route home from the office. I can read my book, drink coffee and do some people watching Read More

Piece Of Fan

ONE pIECE oF fAN, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I sat completely still on my chair in my apartment here in Copenhagen. Even so, the sweat was running down my face and coming out of every pore like a leaking faucet, because of the unusul heat and humidity. I threw myself at the phone and called Read More


Sunset, originally uploaded by Annelogue. OK, I know now. Sunshine is essential for my well being. I know this is no news for most people, it’s just that I’ve never been a sun worshipper. I just don’t like to be in the sun too much. I get too warm and then I can’t think, I Read More

Luckily, Molly Is Back

Molly Is Back, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I was hoping that some thoughts would come to me as I walked around the city this evening. My head feels kinda empty these days. I’m in general quite content with my life, so it’s not that. It’s all quite harmonious, except for a few struggles here and Read More

Getting Out There

Love, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Ahhhh, this is what I call summer! The temperature has finally become bearable. As soon as I finished my last script for tonight, I went for a walk in my neighborhood here on Nørrebro. It’s a lovely place, with lots of interesting things to look at. It feels like a Read More

The Wrong Reasons

Faile Wall, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I admit that I sometimes do things for the wrong reasons. Like starting to play the violin because I liked to carry the violin case around. Like joining the local radio station as a program host, just because I was in love with my co-host. I had problems focusing Read More

It’s Getting Real

Kirin Ichiban, originally uploaded by Annelogue. We bought tickets in December, so the trip to Japan has been in process for some time. Therefore, it wasn’t until I brought my suitcase up from the basement yesterday, that the whole thing started to feel a lot more real! Although, I guess I’ll really believe it tomorrow, Read More

Contact Fatigue

I now have unanswered mail from a good 8 weeks in my personal mail inbox. Weekends come and go, without me being able to sit down and get my personal correspondence out of the way. This post is just to say that I have not forgotten any of you and I do care, it’s just Read More

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