Month: October 2011

Old Friends

*Long*Time*No*See*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Once a year, my High School girlfriends and I go on a trip together. Every time, it really hits me how different we all are as people and how we live our lives. Despite all our differences, though, we have a deep care for one another and share a history Read More

Always On the Run – YUKSEK

Directed by Skinny (PARTIZAN). This time try Try it hard to make it better If you stop me, then We’ll be on our own We’ll be on our own Always on the run Trailer trash très chic! Read More


Your skin, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Your skin is the last thing I see before I close my eyes You see the rest I’m waking up When I hold my breath, you exhale This air has no distance I don’t know who you are when you are not here I kiss you so you don’t Read More