Month: February 2010

Gregg Braden – The Science of Miracles (1/7)

Don’t worry, I haven’t hopped on any pseudoscience bandwagon. After I saw Avatar in 3D I fell in love with the idea of the world as one energy field, with an underlying intelligent fabric of all creation which responds to human emotion. Watch the other parts… “Every time we look, the act of looking is

Florence + The Machine – You’ve Got the Love


*When*You*Let*Me*Go*I*Come*Closer*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Sweet morning! I just received this cool skull cardi which I bought on Ebay the other day.

Alright guitar, talk to me…


*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I rode my bike until I couldn’t feel my legs anymore. Until I felt my shoulders drop, my spine lengthen and the knot in my stomach untie. Until my brain stopped to spin and things started to make sense again.