Month: July 2009

Empowerment Photography

By Miina Savolainen “Girl in Forest”, originally uploaded by hickster5000. I just recently purchased the book “The Loveliest Girl In The World” by social educator and photographer Miina Savolainen. Initially I bought the book just because I really liked the fairytale images and it wasn’t until I actually started reading it that I became aware

Geggy Tah – Holly Oak Tree

Lovely hoola hooping!


*Cherry*Pit*Spitting*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. One of my favorite pastimes this summer has been cherry pit spitting from my balcony. It’s a game which require no shame in life and the ability to yank out your inner 10 year old. I don’t know whether the goal is to actually hit someone in the street below

The Dead Weather “Treat Me Like Your Mother”

My favorite rock chick in the world, Alison Mosshart, has teamed up with Jack White in the new band The Dead Weather.


*Relief*Rain*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Finally! It’s pouring down outside and after weeks of sunshine and summer activities, I can calmly sit down and just read my book, surf the Internet and watch movies without without feeling guilty. When it’s sunny, I feel I should be outside taking advantage of the good weather. In that

Cat Power – Wild is the Wind


Antichrist (framegrab), originally uploaded by zentropa entertainments. Last night I braced myself and finally summoned up the courage to go and see the hyped movie Antichrist by Lars von Trier. The images of this movie had grown in my head after I’d read so many reviews and features discussing the film. I’ve always liked Lars

Portishead – Glory box (Live New York)

I love how lanky Beth Gibbons jazzes about on stage with a fag between her fingers. You just know that she is not a woman you’d want to get into an argument with. From this time, unchained We’re all looking at a different picture Thru this new frame of mind A thousand flowers could bloom

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