Month: March 2009

The Black Ghosts – Full Moon


FACE 2 FACE trailer by JR and Marcoby JR My neighborhood Nørrebro has been suffering from some serious shit karma in the last couple of years. Last drops of lemon are the competing drug gangs who are a bit too trigger happy, having shootouts in the streets around where I live. I’m not exactly thrilled


barcelona-9149, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Coming out of a relation or shaking free of a relation. Reluctantly, you want to go, you don’t want to go. Looking for something else, but still being pulled back. You try to fight to to free yourself, at the same time you don’t want to free yourself. Eventually you

Melissa Auf Der Maur & Karen Elson – Devil’s Plaything


*Balloon*Girl*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Boy, do I have a lot of ideas of what photography projects to embark on. How many of them turns into actual photos? Not so many. I’d like more of my project plans turned into reality. I’m going to start simple. So I’m working on a project list where I

White Stripes – Blue Orchid

No, I can’t get enough of this song. Ever.


*g*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. We talked about how I could make people feel more comfortable while photographing them. “You should ask people questions”, she said. When photographing people while they speak, you get all kinds of funny expressions. If you ask they about something they can’t answer right away, you get thoughtful faces. Asking

Matt and Kim – Daylight