Month: February 2008


*Heart*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Happy Valentines Day! I have mixed feelings about Valentines Day. It’s good to be reminded of love and romance. It’s bad that it puts a bit of pressure and create rules on how to celebrate love.

The Cure – Lullaby

I loved the Cure concert last night! It got me back in touch with my teenage angst. A three hour hit parade. I did miss the synthesizers, though.


*Sunday*Haze*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I don’t concider myself a hippy. On the other hand, I’ve actually just started doing breathing exercises. I had no idea that deep breaths could make me feel so good! I’ve been having chest pains for a while, which I found super scary. It hurt so much that I though


Sunday*Sunday*Sunday, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Things are quite good. Despite everything, really. Plumbers are hopefully going to start to rebuild my bathroom after a rusty pipe burst in our building between our apartments in November. It’s all settled who is going to pay for what now. It took it’s time getting that into place. Then