Month: January 2008

Lacquer – Behind


Who Is Intrusive?

Seeing Through Reflection, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Someone has an unhealthy interest in what I do. On Friday morning I had a phone call from the local police inquiring about a complaint made by one of my across the street neighbours (I don’t know which side) that I once had pointed a zoom lens towards

Ane Brun – The Puzzle

New stuff from Ane Brun! “I walked into love. I walked into a mine field I never heard of.”

Hippy New Year

, originally uploaded by Annelogue. 2007 was good year in more ways than one. Some long term projects were finished successfully and on a personal level I feel that I went through some changes that were really good for me. So what do I want for 2008? Luckily, I’m a person who is blessed with