Month: November 2007

Scout Niblett featuring Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Kiss

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°There°, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I have to come up with a winter survival strategy. Luckily, it has not been too cold yet, but it’s getting so dark and grey that I need to have some sunshine to look forward to. I guess I’m aiming for a trip somewhere in January/February. I have no idea Read More

He Didn’t Ask and I Didn’t Either

*Elephant*Bunny*Roaming*the*Streets*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Last weekend I was at this party where I noticed a super cool elephant-bunny head costume lying on top of one of the wardrobes. I really wanted to get someone out on the street and take some photos of them wearing that amazing mask. So I asked the host if Read More

Life Through a Lens

I just saw the documentary “Life Through a Lens” about Annie Leibowitz. She is a truly free spirit. A bit of a paradox, seeming both unassuming in one way and a diva in another. The images that she captures are astounding. What struck me the most was the way she becomes part of what she Read More

Everybody is on fekking Facebook

I think I had been a member of Facebook for about half a year, just linking to my usual web-buddies when suddenly there was an avalanche in friend invites in May 2007, mostly from Norway where I grew up. I was really excited to see that it wasn’t only the web-savvy people who joined in…it Read More

*Good Morning*

*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. This Saturday morning was perfect. It was sunny. I went for a gorgeous run around the lakes. There was shampoo left. I had clean clothes in my closet. There was milk for my coffee. The book I’m reading is good. Mornings like this I treasure. Read More

Lichtfaktor Crew

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Confessions of a Free Woman

This summer, Danish television showed “FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman” in a series of 6 episodes. At first I was not too keen to watch it, but after seeing one episode I was completely engrossed in it. The film is asking questions and considering issues that are really important to women. What does the Read More

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