Month: November 2007

Scout Niblett featuring Bonnie ‘Prince’ Billy – Kiss


°There°, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I have to come up with a winter survival strategy. Luckily, it has not been too cold yet, but it’s getting so dark and grey that I need to have some sunshine to look forward to. I guess I’m aiming for a trip somewhere in January/February. I have no idea

He Didn’t Ask and I Didn’t Either

*Elephant*Bunny*Roaming*the*Streets*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Last weekend I was at this party where I noticed a super cool elephant-bunny head costume lying on top of one of the wardrobes. I really wanted to get someone out on the street and take some photos of them wearing that amazing mask. So I asked the host if

Life Through a Lens

I just saw the documentary “Life Through a Lens” about Annie Leibowitz. She is a truly free spirit. A bit of a paradox, seeming both unassuming in one way and a diva in another. The images that she captures are astounding. What struck me the most was the way she becomes part of what she

Everybody is on fekking Facebook

I think I had been a member of Facebook for about half a year, just linking to my usual web-buddies when suddenly there was an avalanche in friend invites in May 2007, mostly from Norway where I grew up. I was really excited to see that it wasn’t only the web-savvy people who joined in…it

*Good Morning*

*, originally uploaded by Annelogue. This Saturday morning was perfect. It was sunny. I went for a gorgeous run around the lakes. There was shampoo left. I had clean clothes in my closet. There was milk for my coffee. The book I’m reading is good. Mornings like this I treasure.

Lichtfaktor Crew

Confessions of a Free Woman

This summer, Danish television showed “FLYING: Confessions of a Free Woman” in a series of 6 episodes. At first I was not too keen to watch it, but after seeing one episode I was completely engrossed in it. The film is asking questions and considering issues that are really important to women. What does the

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