Month: November 2006

Cornflakes Issues

Cornflakes Issue, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Cornflakes can be complicated. I only recently started to eat cornflakes again after a 25 year break. The main reason being that when I was a little girl I could NEVER get the cornflakes/milk ratio right. That got me into trouble. I have to add that I detest soggy

Saturday Morning

It’s great to get up on a Saturday morning and dance around to Gorillaz’s song Dare! Does anyone know anything about the Gorillaz movie?

Kylie Minogue – Slow

I go through different phases when it comes to what music I listen to. This song comes back again and again and again….

Natasha Bedingfield – I Bruise Easily (UK version)

Thanks to Youtube, I can sort of post every day…I know it’s not much, but it’s all I got right now :-).

Annie – Heartbeat

Air Guitar Shirt

“The T-shirt has motion sensors built into its elbows that pick up movements and relay them wirelessly to a computer which interprets them as guitar riffs.” …ahhh…the Aussie twang…I love it…almost as good as the Irish…

Leaking Faucet

Leaking Faucet, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’m waking up with a gasp hearing loud banging from my drunk neighbour lady’s apartment. She is usually very quiet and sometimes there are weeks between any glimpses of her. Well, my other drunk lady neighbour and I have an agreement that we knock on her door if we

Poppin Through The Streets

Poppin Hyun Joon from Korea is one of the more famous contemporary poppers.

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