Month: September 2006

Shiny Streets

Shiny Streets, originally uploaded by Annelogue. This image is sent from ShoZu on my phone via Flickr and the image is a lot bigger than if I sent it directly from SHoZu to my blog email, like I did in my previous post. I like this solution. The only thing is that if I write

Morning Match

I’m experimenting with different ways of uploading photos from my phone. Usually I post pics via Flickr, but this is directly sent from ShoZu to my WordPress blog.


Writing from my phone!


I’ve just upgraded to WordPress 2.0.4, so that’s why things look a bit out of order here on Annelogue. Hopefully things will be sorted out sometime tonight.

Fearing The Fear

Silencio, originally uploaded by Annelogue. It’s five years since the crazy attacks on WTC in New York today. It’s all over the papers. I remember that I could not believe my own eyes seeing the footage of the two planes flying into WTC. One plane, could be an accident…but two? All the how and whys

Fungi Fantastica

Mushroom Mania, originally uploaded by Annelogue. JJ checks with the book. There are so many mushrooms this year, probably due to a very warm July and a very wet August. We were going to bike from Hillerød to Tidsvilde, but came only a wee bit into Gribsskov before we were surrounded by so many mushroom

Out And About

Out And About, originally uploaded by Annelogue.

Geek Graffiti

I’ve always wanted to make street art, but because I’m pathologically well behaved, I often don’t have the guts do things that are illegal. See, I’m one of those quiet girls that used to be in your class in school. Those girls that always do their assignments, who never makes any noise and who generally