Month: August 2006

The New Approach…

On White, originally uploaded by Annelogue. … in my life is that I am a work in progress. I’ve spent a long time just observing and longing for things to happen in my life. My main obstacle has been identifying what I want, which was hidden in a mish mash of my own fear and

Pika Pika Cph 2006

This was really fun! A rough attempt on making a pika pika animation! Agent Angelo, Me Charlotte, Kdasc and I went out to try to make some light doodling photos. I had such a good time! It was truly great to meet so many lovely and creative people. I’ve really missed doing stuff like this.

Ha, Ha, Ha…

I know, I know, I should not be so vindictive….but it just feels goooooooood to be right (sometimes).

Inspirational Project

We are going to make Pika Pika photos tonight and if everything goes to plan, we’ll be able to put them together as a little animation. Very exciting! I can’t wait!

Sheer Craziness…

…and I really need that sometimes. Pure insanity in a very healthy way. Hurra Torpedo really does it for me!

Ni Hao!

I noticed that I was getting a lot of hits from China and I’m intrigued to find that my blog is featured in an article in China Daily. I don’t know any Chinese except how to count to ten and say hello and thanks, so when using Bablefish, to translate the text, it says: “Http://,

Pika Pika

pikapika_LA, originally uploaded by Huro Kitty. I’m amazed at the lighting doodle project, Pika Pika (which means twinkling in Japanese), where they are making animations by taking images using long exposures and putting them together using Quicktime. It’s the coolest thing. They use light pens and mobile phone flashes. Look at this, this and oh…this!