Month: July 2006

Summer Nights

Summer Night, originally uploaded by Annelogue. It’s as if I’m somewhere other than Copenhagen. It’s like being in Spain. The weather has been extraordinary in the last month. Temperatures over 30 celcius degrees. It does something to people. Last night when we went to the bar Riga in Istedgade, there were actually several people who


On Fire, originally uploaded by Annelogue. You may have noticed that my writing here on Annelogue for the most part is rather cryptic and there are far between the posts. The main reason is that I feel I can’t write as freely as I really would like to. I’m sad that the days when personal


I had really no idea that I’d have to fight this hard. I had no idea.

DimensionTM 9150

DimensionTM 9150, originally uploaded by Annelogue. My new computer! Dirt cheap, too. Apparently, it’s a good thing to buy a computer from Dell towards the end of every quarter, because they want to bring in the cash and therefore bring on amazing deals. Also I guess they are on the brink with some new models

After Work Coffee

After Work Coffee, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I’ve found my new super summer hang out spot and that’s at Islands Brygge here in Copenhagen. It’s perfect to spend a couple of hours after work as it is en route home from the office. I can read my book, drink coffee and do some people watching

Piece Of Fan

ONE pIECE oF fAN, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I sat completely still on my chair in my apartment here in Copenhagen. Even so, the sweat was running down my face and coming out of every pore like a leaking faucet, because of the unusul heat and humidity. I threw myself at the phone and called


Boy, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I must not get so angry. Or I mean, I can get angry, but I must not let it get to me in the way it did today. And I’m not PMS, by the way. I’m in a situation right now where I realise that I’m going to get very