Month: May 2006

Still Behind…

I’m still very behind in my personal email handling, so please have some patience with me, I’ll get back to you as soon as I can!

The Wrong Reasons

Faile Wall, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I admit that I sometimes do things for the wrong reasons. Like starting to play the violin because I liked to carry the violin case around. Like joining the local radio station as a program host, just because I was in love with my co-host. I had problems focusing


Another singer/songwriter favorite of mine is Patti Griffin. I never get tired of her lovely tunes!

Suddenly Not So Summer

Surprised, originally uploaded by Annelogue. OK, I never meant for this blog to become a weather reporting site for Copenhagen, but it’s rather nippy outside, only about 15 C degrees and freezing wind. So instead of going outside I’m just lounging inside, drinking coffee and amusing myself by keeping an eye on the builders who

Me In The Mirror

Mirror Me, originally uploaded by Annelogue. A week at my parents place is a quite interesting experience for me. I get completely sucked into their lives, stuff they need done and issues they have with the world. I try to hold on to myself, but after a couple of days my resistance is broken down

Suddenly Summer

Sort Of Sakura, originally uploaded by Annelogue. It went directly from winter to summer this year. Spring was clearly not paying attention at all. It’s been super lovely sunny weather for the last week and I’m soaking it all up! Tomorrow is “Great Prayer Day” in Denmark, which means that I have a day off

Run Shoes Run

Run Shoes Run, originally uploaded by Annelogue. I put my running shoes out on the floor a couple of days ago, just to see if anything would happen if I did. Nothing happened. Except maybe me going through a head shaking amount of excuses to as to why I could not get my shoes on


Walking The Dog, originally uploaded by Annelogue. Lucky me, I have friends who have just moved out to the countryside! I spent the weekend in Næstved where I was woken up by a rooster in the morning. I could actually hear the birds sing outside my bedroom window. For breakfast we had eggs collected from